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Valor PointsEdit

Tournaments are competitions between guilds and players.  There are many different kinds of tournaments, but these days, there have only been 2 main kinds.  As you participate in the tournament, you gain VP.  The person with the highest VP is the one who wins the tournament.   Don't worry, there are prizes for the top 15 thousand players.  And there are also prizes for the top 50 guilds.

Kinds of TounramentsEdit

There are Survival Tournaments, Fusion, Evolving, Boss Hunting, and Offerings.

Survival Tournaments

These tournaments require you to climb the endless towers.  Each wave you beat gives you VP.  Simple as that.


These tournaments are gold heavy.  As you fuse items, you get VP.  Every 50 gold you spend, you get 1 VP.  So 1 million gold=20 thousand VP.  No trick to it.


Evolution tournaments require you to evolve items.  The most gold efficient way to go about endless tournaments is to evolve grey items.  Of course, it's also very helpful to evolve items that you need, because then you're spending gold, getting what you need, and you're also getting VP.  However, most end gamers already have their gear maxed out, so it's just another gold heavy tournament.

Boss Hunting

Simple.  Kill a boss and get VP.  


Also simple.  Spend offerings to get VP.  Also known as the "Pay to Win" tournament.